Camp Management

Camp and Retreat Property Management  is such a niche field. It’s more than a typical commercial property management business because we don’t just handle the maintenance of facilities. Yes, sustaining the properties and structures therein in good order is a huge part of our daily work. Keeping up with swimming pools, forests, heaters, trails, and infrastructures like water and septic systems IS a mainstay for us. However, once you add in food service and direct customer service, the whole picture changes. It is this aspect of partnering with our owner group organizations (they’re the ones who own the properties) to provide what I call relational cooperation in which we are aligned to serve our guests with hospitality and accommodation. 

We are interested in partnering with more owners of camp, retreat, and conference properties across the USA. If you have a relationship with a camp or facility you believe could benefit from a conversation with us, please connect with us! Just alert Tina or Mike at