Why Camp Management?

When UCCR came into being in 1970 as a cooperative, the efforts were initially to unify management efforts on the part of the owners of church-owned camp properties. 

Since then, we have continuously provided food, lodging, maintenance, reservations, staffing, and bookkeeping services to the properties we steward. Though most of our properties are still church-owned, we also manage two California State Parks and three Sonoma County Veterans Buildings. 

So why would a non-profit organization contract with another non-profit to provide management services? One of the core reasons, more true now than 46 years ago, is that the owner groups are shrinking in numbers. Along with the down-sizing of American church participation is the inevitable limited resources to sustain property, staff, and associated costs. Another more program-related reason is that having a property manager frees up the program people to attend to the business at hand…providing program! Ideally, camp and retreat program providers should arrive at their site and be 100% available for curriculum and activities and NOT have to be strung out about food getting on the table or the leak in the women’s bathroom.

Unfortunately, camps are closing or being sold at a record pace. The lack of resources and the shrinking of church membership in the US is taking a toll on its most sacred lands. We are here to help keep camp properties alive, vital and healthy.

In recent years UCCR has expanded beyond California. We are interested, mission-driven, even compelled to find camps and retreats across the USA who are looking for some alternative to the financial struggle they may find themselves in. So pass the word, we’re open for business!