New Collaboration between WOLF School and Save Our Shores Brings Environmental Stewardship to California Youth

WOLF (Web of Life Field) School has joined forces with Save Our Shores in a collaborative effort to educate a broader reach of California youth on marine stewardship and advocacy. WOLF School, a non-profit organization providing educational outdoor science camp to 3,500 students each year, will begin their new role as Sanctuary Stewards this March by incorporating three Save Our Shores beach cleanups into 5th and 6th grade student programs at Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz.

As part of their mission of environmental stewardship, WOLF School advocates a respect for nature and teaches students their own ability to incorporate simple yet impactful acts of stewardship within their communities. WOLF School promotes litter pick-up while leading outdoor science programs, especially during their Redwood Trees to Coastal Seas initiative, a watershed education program made possible by a BWET grant from NOAA; and has a history of conservation at Natural Bridges, part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, aiding in dune restorations and the weeding of invasive species.

Realizing the like-mindedness of their efforts with Save Our Shores’ mission, and the potential for a broader outreach to California students through collaboration, WOLF School Program Coordinator Sergio Typhoon became an official Save Our Shores Sanctuary Steward, part of the core volunteer force of Save Our Shores—a nonprofit marine conservation organization in Santa Cruz with the mission of caring for the marine environment through ocean awareness, advocacy, and citizen action.

With this new partnership in effect, 95 students from George C. Payne Elementary School in San Jose, 60 students from Deterding Elementary in Carmichael, and 60 students from Holy Spirit School in San Jose will visit Natural Bridges State Beach with WOLF School on March 11, March 17 and March 23, respectively. The beach day is part of each of the student group’s 4-day, 3-night Residential Outdoor Science School (ROSS) program, based at WOLF School’s Monte Toyon campus in Aptos.

For many inland students, WOLF School beach days mark their first trip to the ocean. This exhilarating experience is highlighted by WOLF School’s naturalist-guided science activities—tide pool and sand crab studies, landscape watercolors of Natural Bridges, erosion explosion tag, create-a-critter sand drawings, and more—all designed to support WOLF School’s state standards aligned educational programs. Now, for the first time, WOLF School campers will also participate in a Save Our Shores beach cleanup!

Students will learn the importance of marine conservation, keeping plastic from our oceans and rivers, and will contribute to scientific data collected on marine debris found in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary through Save Our Shores Cleanup Data Cards. Ending the experience, each student will leave with the take-home knowledge and empowerment to become lifelong global stewards.

"Partnering with WOLF School is a natural and exciting fit for us,” says Save Our Shores Director of Programs Rachel Kippen. “Students are engaged in conservation education throughout the whole watershed while at WOLF, and ending their week with a Save Our Shores beach cleanup is an effective culmination of the concepts the campers have learned. While both organizations benefit from this collaboration, the real benefit is seen by the students, our most promising stewards!"

For many student groups, WOLF School programs and beach days are only made possible through donation-funded scholarships granted by WOLF. For more information on WOLF School, or to make a scholarship donation, visit Interested in registering your student group for WOLF School or adding a Save Our Shores beach cleanup? Email

The Web of Life Field School (WOLF) is a program of United Camps, Conferences and Retreats (UCCR).