Craigville Retreat Center Update

Our transition into the operation of Craigville Retreat was swift but thorough. Groups were arriving nearly at the same time our new UCCR team was taking over operations. In the wake of our fast turnaround groups are already taking notice of our excellent food service, customer relations, and management expertise. Craigville has not been without it’s challenges. Some of our structures are well over 100 years old, maintaining a piece of history is a unique experience. The entire facility is a registered historic landmark, preserving that history while providing accommodations suited for a modern consumer is a trait that makes Craigville Retreat standout amongst the rest.

We had our first snowfall a short while ago. The blizzard that struck the East Coast only blanketed us with a foot and a half of snow, rather light in comparison to other regions. The snowfall was truly magical. The lanterns around the perimeter of the village shone brightly on the quaint cottages as the pure white, untouched snow illuminated the evening. After the snow had buried the cars and eliminated any evidence of modern technology walking outside was like stepping into a time capsule. The serenity was eventually broken by the sound of the plow creeping by and the necessity to shovel seemingly miles of sidewalks and fire escapes for our guests.

The ocean is only a stone’s throw away from the away from the retreat. The constant beating of the waves is just audible and the views from the manor are amazing. During a snow storm the beach is bleached white, quite a sight to see. The waves and the snow are in a constant battle as the water fights it’s way forward through the frost.

The residents of The Cape have been extremely hospitable. Working with Jim Lane and members of the CCMA has been a delight. I’m privileged to have the opportunity to live in a such a beautiful area with wonderful people at a magnificent retreat center. I am grateful for my time at Craigville Retreat.

-Matthew Compton-Clark, Associate Site Director