Conference Center on Crystal Lake Announces Open House

Tina Heck, UCCR Director of Reservations and Communications, recently hopped on a California plane and flew east to Michigan to visit beautiful Crystal Lake. It was her first time visiting the Crystal Conference Center facility since United Camps, Conferences & Retreats took over management in April of 2019.

”It was absolutely beautiful” says Tina as she arrived and began to take a tour. The lakeside campus will be open to the public for tours and appetizers during an Open House on Saturday June 1, from 10am to 1pm. “We want the public to know we are available as a retreat center and event space.” Tina explained. The response has been inspiring as many people have told us that there are plenty of event spaces in this seasonal tourist area, yet not many come with lodging. Crystal Conference Center has both gathering areas, lodging, and more.

During the Open House, all the buildings will be open including Missions House which is a charming cottage complete with kitchen and sleeps up to 13 guests. Other lodges and dormitories will be open too. Crystal has a large open air geodesic dome which is perfect for outdoor gatherings. The dining hall can be used for dining or as an indoor meeting space. The Open House should be lots of fun with plenty of time to talk to site director Eric Strommer about specific needs for those looking for a space to hold their event.

“What appeals to many people is that we have different types of lodging depending on one’s group size. The most stunning thing about this place is Crystal Lake. Relaxing in a big timber outdoor swing while watching the water quietly lap onto the shores is the kind of stuff great summer memories are made of,” says Tina.

Tina spoke to the Michigan Disciples during their Annual Regional Assembly. She gave a brief history of UCCR and welcomed Crystal Conference into the UCCR family.

Crystal Conference Center is owned by the Michigan Disciples who have used the property for church summer camps and retreats for over 100 years. Opening the site to outside groups to rent is a wonderful opportunity for groups and families that want to experience summertime on a gorgeous lake in Michigan. Site Director Eric Strommer is so happy to share his love for the site with others who come on retreat.