Enthusiastic Tinkering Creates a Welcoming Setting for Guests

Tina Heck, Director of Reservations and Communications visited Crystal Conference Center, a beautiful event center with lodging right on Crystal Lake. She shares her story about meeting Rich, the person in charge of maintenance & operations at Crystal Conference Center. We thought you’d enjoy hearing more from Tina.: 

When I arrived at Crystal Conference Center in May for my first visit there, I was greeted by Rich. He had been living at the facility getting the property ready for its seasonal open in May. Rich gave me a full tour, explaining what each building and outside area has to offer our guests. 

Since Crystal Conference Center is open May through early October, there was plenty for Rich to keep busy with: Furniture needed to be unstacked and dusted and buildings needed shining and polishing. Rich was also cutting and splitting downed trees from the winter and had a roaring fire going in the fire circle, burning wood debris after the long winter. 

When we got to the Fellowship Hall, a large building that can accommodate a variety of activities, Rich showed me all the recreational equipment and bragged about his ping pong skills. I just loved that he insisted on having his photograph taken with what he referred to as the “table of champions.” 

It takes a certain ilk of human being to work in this industry. People who love working in a natural setting who can also tinker in all aspects of running a site: plumbing, cooking, firewood and yes, even ping pong. The folks that work onsite must also possess a sense of the impact that our guests may have when they come stay with us. Ping Pong Rich certainly seemed to enjoy doing his part in creating a place for guests to have positive life-changing experiences. While enjoying his work doing a variety of daily activities he puts value in relationships with co-workers, guests, and neighbors. 

We are happy to have people like Rich in the UCCR family. 

–Tina Heck 
UCCR Director of Reservations & Communications