Porch Trim and Gingerbread Awnings

In the spring of this year, Site Director Matthew CastleMan and his hardworking team led by Jim Perella, were walking through Craigville Retreat Center taking note of upcoming maintenance. There is a continual list of upgrades that need to be managed, but Matthew nor his team mind. Sunrises and sunsets like the ones on Cape Cod make working pure pleasure.

It was then that Matthew, Jim and the team, pulled out the paint brushes and started painting the porches, trim, and gingerbread awnings on the 5 rentable cottages: Union, Andover, Groves, Boston and Yale. Come summer-time, the cottages have been so popular they would have to put away the paintbrush just as they was getting them out to allow time to focus on hospitality.

At the moment, the cottages are almost half-way done, and Matthew is confident the work will be finished this autumn. Thank you to our cottage guests for making this summer such a success. We hope when you return you may notice the fresh paint.

–Staff hospitality