Wildlife in Petaluma

I see a lot of wildlife each day, just not the sort that you may encounter at our camps and retreat centers. 

UCCR’s Administrative Office in Petaluma features an Accounting Department that soars as well together as birds of a feather.

Look!  There’s the American Eagle, Controller, Doug Stairs.  His many years flying right in the military and in business have helped UCCR migrate toward cozier climes.  Facts and figures may be his forte, but humor is his calling card.  Our day flies by much faster and with more fun with Doug around.  Just don’t leave a bag of cookies unattended – this bird is a cookie monster!

Bursting through the front door enthusiastically each day on a direct line to his office and the coffee pot is our Business Operations Accountant, Richard Robinson.  He sports team colors of such eastern birds as the Ravens and the Orioles for sport, but no one outworks this tireless numbers hawk.  His only fault is that he doesn’t realize that baseball is a much better sport than football.  I have a feeling I know the subject of his next blog.

Cloee Rohde, UCCR’s Full Charge Bookkeeper, has eyes of a falcon.  She is able to swoop onto an unpaid balance faster than Woody the Woodpecker can peck.  I’ve seen grown up uncollected fees shrink to nothing once Cloee has hunted them down.  Thing is, she does it in such a nice way, the prey doesn’t feel a thing.  She’s professional, polite and a whole lot of fun to be around.

Easily mistaken for a mellower bird, Bookkeeper Sue Baker stealthily stalks stacks of payables, sending out check payments at such a rapid rate that our mailman has developed arthritis from carting them off.  Well, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but Sue really flies and never lays an egg.  She is one of the sweetest people that I know.

Rounding out the flock are Assistant Bookkeeper Jaqui Sherlock and Consultant Tish Lobland.  Have you ever seen a crow fly?  Straight as an arrow, right?  Well, these two go straight to the problem and fix it.  Very “Talon-ted”.

I hope that you have a chance to stop by for some good Accounting Department bird watching.  These folks are great at what they do, but more importantly, are great people.

-Bob Effisimo, UCCR Reservations Staff