Visiting Cape Cod

Reservations Manager, Joni, and I recently made our way to Cape Cod in Massachusetts to visit Craigville Retreat Center. The site will officially become a part of the UCCR family of facilities in January 2016. I am excited to include this beautiful property as part of our offerings to groups. Craigville has a wonderful history that goes back well over a hundred years to the eras of Christian camp meetings. There is an old map at the retreat which shows the tent spaces designated for clergy families who gathered annually for preaching, singing, prayer and revival. Eventually many people built homes there on the tent sites and Craigville Village was born.

Craigville offers beach front outings, charming cottages and lodges in traditional New Engalnd shingled structures. The "tabernacle" is a marvelous old barn-like sanctuary on a knoll. The side doors open for fresh ocean air in the summertime. I’ve been in hundreds of churches…and can say this building is truly wonderful. It reminded me of Merrill Hall at Asilomar designed by Julia Morgan, but on a smaller scale. 

If you have contacts in the Boston area or other New England locations, let them know about Craigville Retreat. It’s a great spot for church retreats, family reunions, weekend getaways fro groups small and large.

-Tina Heck, Marketing Director