Monte Toyon

Well, here at Monte Toyon we have been working really hard this past week installing new flooring in Cary Lodge, both in the lobby and the bathrooms.  As we were tearing out the old flooring and wrapping it up for recycling, we all started talking about how many people we thought could have walked on these floors in their lifetime.  100? 1,000? 10,000? Possibly 100,000?  We then started talking about all of the things that happen in a lodge at camp: staying up all night, sleeping in and missing breakfast,  all the laughing at silly jokes and probably some crying from a skinned knee… what about all the ghost stories?  That’s one of the best parts of going to camp!  As we finished loading the truck, it felt as though we were removing all of those memories from Cary Lodge.  Then, we realized that we were not removing those memories but making a better place for new memories to be made.

These are the things the Monte Toyon crew thinks about when we are working together.

-Mickey Petrov