Brisk Mornings & Comfortable Afternoons

Fall is a beautiful time of the year in Pennsylvania, and fortunately it is just around the corner. After coming out of summer season, Fall brings a welcoming change of scenery, as well as weather. Those long hot summer days slowly begin to turn into brisk mornings with comfortable afternoon temperatures. The trees begin preparations for the long winter when leaves turn from green to reds, yellows and browns. There is no other sight like the Appalachian Mountains here in Pennsylvania during October and November. The colors of the trees are vibrant and resemble fire with the bright reds cradled together with energetic yellows. There is truly no better place to spend fall than outdoors in Pennsylvania. 

Come stay with us at Hartman Center this Fall season, take advantage of our Fall specials and be treated to warm meals and stunning views. Hosting your group or family reunion is what we do best.

Fall & Winter Special
2 nights + 5 Meals
Cabin - $100 per person, minimum 12 people
Michaux Lodge - $111 per person, minimum 16 people

Zach Hassinger 
Hartman Center Site Director