Flash Flood Recovery at Pilgrim Pines

Last August, on a Sunday afternoon, we had what is typically called a "flash flood".  I didn’t know what was going on.  I was cooking in the kitchen waiting for the group (The American Red Cross) to arrive.  The sky was ominous, the cloud huge and black/gray.  It began to rain, and rain and rain.  Then thunder and lightning.  It was all gorgeous!  But after a while I notice that the thunder was just one long, continuous roll of  that did not stop.  I went out in the pouring rain to see what was going on.  I found Thom Barnard just standing mesmerized by the creek.   What I had thought was thunder, was the sound of huge boulders as they crashed into each other while making their way down the creek.  It is now May of the next year, and all you have to do is drive through Oak Glen to see evidence of that storm.  When the storm was over, the damage was massive.  All the debris that had flowed down our stream had clogged  the huge culvert under the main road and was piled about 2 or 3 feet high on the road itself.  But for us, the most shocking change was in the creek itself.  We had a waling/driving path over the creek which was used to access our trails.  When the storm was finished and the water had subsided (which didn’t take long), the sport where we had once been able to walk and drive across was now a gaping canyon that was at least 10-12 feet deep and very wide.  What to do?  As time went on, our neighbors were helping themselves to our rocks, boulders and "dirt".  I thought, if they can do that, so can we, but how?  I had James call a man I knew who I thought could direct us to the right people.  It occurred to me that it would be a lot cheaper for the county to give us our dirt back than to hall the huge mountain it had become to another location.  At first the county said they would give us a couple loads so we could make the crossing safe.  But something rather miraculous happened, they agreed to rebuild our road for us!  We were overjoyed with their decision.  They constructed it a little differently this time.  Hopefully this design will not wash away so completely the "next time"!