Arrival at Hartman Center

The first few weeks since UCCR’s arrival at Hartman Center have been busy and productive. I arrived March 26th in order to do some preliminary organizing for our first two groups, both of which had reservations on March first through the third. The early arrival allowed me the assurance that both the facility and the staff were prepared for our customer’s needs. After the initial paperwork, the training with the new Hartman Center employees went flawlessly. Most of that training was focused in the kitchen due to UCCR’s commitment to high quality food service. Cooking from scratch results in a significantly better product while actually reducing food cost as base ingredients cost significantly less than their boxed and frozen “ready to cook” counterparts. Everyone was eager to learn how to make our famous turtle bread and homemade soups. Both of our first groups left happily after their short weekend stay as have all of the following customers whom have experienced our service thus far.

In the midst of ensuring customers enjoy their time at Hartman Center, we are also making sure regulatory agencies have everything they require of us to continue operations. Our Health Inspection on April 11th went well. We were able to inquire with more detail about specific laws and regulations particular to the area, of which there are quite a few. In addition to kitchen regulations I recently took the pesticide and pool operator examination. Without a certified applicator and pool operator the Department of Agriculture will not allow you to open a pool to the public. Local regulators have been friendly and easy to work with so far.

Routine maintenance has continued flawlessly. John Freed and Rachel Druckenmiller have been a huge help in ensuring that I’m well informed about the specific, and at times hidden, details of the facility. Unfortunately, one of the flat screen televisions that was recently installed before our arrival is defective. We’re currently going through the process of getting it replaced either through the manufacture or retailer.

The new convection ovens are getting ready to be installed the week of April 25th. The ovens will be a fantastic addition to the kitchen. A restaurant supply vendor out of Harrisburg has agreed to assist us with the installation which includes major electrical components. All of their labor and a majority of the parts are being donated in exchange for the old ovens.

Operations at Hartman Center are off to a great start. We’ve been operating the facility for barely a month but all of the changes in are already being noticed. I’m looking forward to the upcoming summer months and beyond as I learn more about our existing customers and build a base of new ones that will soon discover the beauty of the lovely facility that Hartman Center is.

-Matthew Compton-Clark, Site Director