United Camps, Conferences and Retreats (UCCR) Begins Management of Iowa 4-H Camp

United Camps, Conferences and Retreats has announced that the non-profit has assumed management of Clover Woods Camp & Retreat Center, located in Madrid, IA.

The Iowa 4-H Foundation selected United Camps, Conferences and Retreats (UCCR) of Petaluma, California to take on operations of the camp and retreat center beginning in February 2017.

UCCR, a non-profit cooperative established in 1970, currently manages 12 sites in Northern and Southern California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, most of which are owned by religious organizations.

Under the new management agreement, the Iowa 4-H Foundation will become a member of UCCR with two seats on its board of directors.

Recently renamed Clover Woods, the 4-H camp is located in Madrid, Iowa just 22 miles from Ames and 30 miles from Des Moines. Clover Woods consists of over 1100 acres of woodlands, meadows, wetlands and fields in the heart of the scenic Des Moines River Valley. The trail system is extensive with 23 miles of trails to explore through the forest and along the Des Moines River. There are ponds and creeks throughout the property, and the site has a strong sense of being remote with long vistas of natural prairie and the surrounding forest.

The camp currently accommodates up to 180 guests in a variety of lodges and cabins organized in villages.

Mike Carr, president of UCCR, said, "We are excited about the opportunity to manage and operate Clover Woods Camp and Retreat Center and establish a new partnership with the Iowa 4H Foundation. The 4H Foundation is very involved in improving the site for their use as well as the other wonderful groups that use the site. There is passion in all the work the 4H Foundation carries out at the site. UCCR looks forward to a productive partnership."

UCCR has expanded its management services beyond California in recent years to properties in Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and, now, Iowa. All sites managed by UCCR are open to non-profits, schools, religious groups, and organizations for retreats, camps, meetings, reunions, educational and community gatherings. UCCR also provides program partnership to its facilities and owner group organizations through on-site support and the Web of Life Field School (WOLF). The WOLF School is an environmental education provider.

Albert Grunenwald, Executive Director of the Iowa 4-H Foundation, stated, "We are delighted to be working with UCCR to manage Clover Woods. The experience they bring will help us provide great customer service to everyone who uses our camp facility."