Camp Cazadero

“Food was excellent, we like the new menu options! Favorite’s were taco bar and pizza pizza pizza! We appreciated the vegan and vegetarian options!”

–Merle S., StarVista

“The Staff was great! Very responsive!”

–Brook B.

"The food was excellent! Plentiful, fresh, attractive and varied, kitchen staff is always helpful and kind!"

Louis H.

"Camp Cazadero is a beautiful site. We’ve been running our program there for over 20 years—the pool, the meadow, and the cascade falls are all ideal for kids. Our program is built around Camp Caz!"

Kathy Bell, United Church of Christ, Kids Camp

"The cabins, lodge, and dining hall were clean and well maintained. We loved the swimming pool, it was always clean and clear. The staff went above and beyond to make the camp experience a happy and safe one for all the kids.”

Merle Saber, Star Vista

"The layout of the cabins around a meadow is a great focus for WOLF School and the incredible diversity of wildlife to be seen on the trails is ideal for teaching about the web of life. ”

Heather Butler, Web of Life Field School

"Staff was wonderful and flexible their kindness and competence was evident and appreciated!.”

Susan K.

AED Machine was generously donated to Camp Cazadero by by Kaiser Permanente