Camp Lodestar

Celebrity Owl at Lodestar

Celebrity found in Wilseyville
At Camp Lodestar , great gray owls have been spotted. On the endangered species list by the state of California since 1980, there are thought to be about 50 pairs of these owls in the whole of the Sierra Nevada. The tallest of all North American owls, with the longest wingspan, it is a sight to see. And we have been fortunate to share the woods with them. 
~ Jeff Clark, Site Director at Camp Lodestar

Spring at UCCR Sites

 I visited Camp Lodestar and Jesuit Retreat Center of the Serra last week- both in the California Sierra foothills. The intense colors of the spring bloom are getting close to hitting their peek. The colors and vibrancy of the different colors layered upon the hills and waving in the wind for me define the foothills each year. The colors in Camp Lodestar’s enormous meadow (50-60 football fields size!) are beautiful. At both sites, there is a variety of trees blooming and evergreen trees waking up to spring.

Fall/Winter Specials

Make sure to check out our special Fall & Winter Rate Packages. These are 15-20% discounts from our regular rates. So take advantage of them while they last! 2 Nights + 5 meals for $115 at Cazadero, Valley of the Moon, CGC, and Lodestar. Call our reservations number today at 800-678-5102 for availability.

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