Outdoor Ministries in an Era of the Declining Church

Honestly, I could probably write a book about this topic, but it would only be valuable for a moment in the history of things. Perhaps this will be Part 1 of a series of blogs on the topic.

As the American mainline churches continue their decline in attendance, it bears the questions, "How does this impact Outdoor Ministries and Camp experiences for youth and adults?" and "What is the impact of declining finances and numbers of people in churches on their denominational camp and retreat properties?"

Transformation at Camp

As August moves on, kids and teachers are getting ready to head back to school this week and next. And so, the official residential camping season comes to a close for the summer of 2015. I wonder what kinds of transformative experiences people have had over the last 8 weeks. I wonder about the spiritual formation, the life-long friendships that have been established, and the impact of creating close communities in these settings of beauty. I have spent two weeks this summer talking with denominational leaders from around the United States about their camp and retreat facilities.

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