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Snow & Search and Rescue at the Camp

Happy April Fools day  to All

From Community of the Great Commission

Monte Toyon

 Well, here at Monte Toyon we have been working really hard this past week installing new flooring in Cary Lodge, both in the lobby and the bathrooms.  As we were tearing out the old flooring and wrapping it up for recycling, we all started talking about how many people we thought could have walked on these floors in their lifetime.  100? 1,000? 10,000?

Camp Lodestar

So winter didn’t come in 2013. Well it did all at once, and for just a week or two. Most snow we have ever gotten at one time; about 18 inches, coldest temperature here ; 11 degrees. Then it warmed up! We saw several weeks of 60 to 70 degrees and no rain. Well, until it did rain. 9” of rain in one night. Now we and the rest of California are preparing for water issues, and we should be fine if folks will help us out with conservation measures. It’s a good practice to learn anyway, and most of our guests are very obliging. It’ll be great!
~ Jeff Clark

Tis the season for Crab Feeds

Sebastian in The Little Mermaid is a popular character who sings the famous song "Under the Sea". Others are not quite so likeable. Mr. Crab, the crab in Sponge Bob Square Pants, is money-obsessed and pretty crabby.

Parks Forward Commission Panel

This past Monday I participated as a panelist in a workshop hosted by the Parks Forward Commission. The other panelist was Randy Widera. The topic was "Partnerships". Randy and I made opening statements and the remainder of the 2 hours was Q&A with the PF Commission, Aaron Robertson with DPR, and the public. A great experience with everyone.
~ Mike Carr

The Special Vibe of Camps & Retreat Centers

I travel to many camps & retreats throughout the year. Each one has its own flavor…and yet, there is an energetic quality of well being in the land and facilities. When thousands of people visit a site over time, placing their intentions for authentic community, spiritual awareness, love of nature, and bringing people to together for fun and togetherness, the land and buildings absorb those good tidings. 

From Mike Carr, UCCR President

I very much enjoyed the 2 day UCCR staff retreat at Westminster Retreat. Excellent presentations on food service, special projects, and customer service. It is always a treat and special time to spend a couple days with the gifted staff of UCCR.

Friend of Little Basin and more...

I attended the first annual "Friends of Little Basin Cabins and Campground" appreciation dinner. The event was generously hosted by the staff of Little Basin and Web of Life Field School. Little Basin Director, Heather Butler, provided a heartfelt appreciation to the "Friends".

Westminster Retreat to Stay Open Through 2014

 We have received good news! The Presbytery of San Francisco has asked UCCR to keep Westminster Retreat open through the end of 2014. The pending sale of the property fell through in mid October. 
We at UCCR are very happy to continue to offer this unique retreat setting in the SF East Bay Area. Very few retreats like this still exist…a historic mansion on private acreage. The retreat accommodates up to 50 people in two buildings, the Manor and the Carriage House Lodge.

UCCR & CA State Parks and County Buildings

UCCR President, Mike Carr reports…"Continuing to work with Sempervirens Fund on the second draft of a business plan for Castle Rock State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains (CA) that could be used once the new parking lot and facilities are developed. Spoke with my contact at Student Conservation Association today about

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