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Indian Summer

Touching Moments

Guest Blogger & Site Director at Pilgrim Pines Camp and Conference Center in Southern California, Cynthia Diggs, writes:

Transformation at Camp

As August moves on, kids and teachers are getting ready to head back to school this week and next. And so, the official residential camping season comes to a close for the summer of 2015. I wonder what kinds of transformative experiences people have had over the last 8 weeks. I wonder about the spiritual formation, the life-long friendships that have been established, and the impact of creating close communities in these settings of beauty. I have spent two weeks this summer talking with denominational leaders from around the United States about their camp and retreat facilities.

Wildlife in Petaluma

I see a lot of wildlife each day, just not the sort that you may encounter at our camps and retreat centers. 

UCCR’s Administrative Office in Petaluma features an Accounting Department that soars as well together as birds of a feather.

Celebrity Owl at Lodestar

Celebrity found in Wilseyville
At Camp Lodestar , great gray owls have been spotted. On the endangered species list by the state of California since 1980, there are thought to be about 50 pairs of these owls in the whole of the Sierra Nevada. The tallest of all North American owls, with the longest wingspan, it is a sight to see. And we have been fortunate to share the woods with them. 
~ Jeff Clark, Site Director at Camp Lodestar

UCCR and UCC OMA Connection

Just had a great call with a couple of Board Members from the United Church of Christ Outdoor Ministries Association (OMA). It is a compelling thing in these days of the decline of the mainline church in America, and the subsequent loss of financial resources, to forge new partnerships between organizations who are passionate about camp, outdoor ministries, and the residential camp experience.

Emergency Response Plans

UCCR directors are gathered today to review and engage with our site’s emergency response plans. Given the extreme drought in California, we are preparing for what could be a challenging summer regarding water shortages, wildfires, and drought conditions. Though we are hopeful that we do not have to fully put these plans into action, we are on the ready.

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