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Craigville Retreat Center update

Our transition into the operation of Craigville Retreat was swift but thorough. Groups were arriving nearly at the same time our new UCCR team was taking over operations. In the wake of our fast turnaround groups are already taking notice of our excellent food service, customer relations, and management expertise. Craigville has not been without it’s challenges. Some of our structures are well over 100 years old, maintaining a piece of history is a unique experience.

Winter in Cape Cod


John & Cynthia Diggs, as well as Matthew Clark, are officially situated at Craigville Retreat Center on Cape Cod. This is John’s first of work last week heading to the kitchen. 

Hospitality at Monte Toyon

We are nearing the end of 2015 at Monte Toyon and it has been a great year.  Our year was spent offering great service and a grand time to 111 groups who came to our site.  They come each year to enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of a busy world and to commune with the wonderful surroundings we are so lucky to call home. We always have such a diverse mixture of incredible people who choose to spend time with us in the redwoods.

Hartman Center, Pennsylvania & church outreach

Well, it is offical. UCCR will assume management responsibilities of Hartman Center, a camp and conference center of the Central Pennsylvania Conference of the United Church of Christ. I have a press release being issued later today….but in the meantime want to lift up the good news. I recently attended the Outdoor Ministry Association of the United Church of Christ and met Bruce Drukenmiller, the current director at Hartman. What a passionate guy who has loved Hartman well and good for many years.

Jesuit Retreat Center

My first time at JRCS was back in 1974 as a young man of 18.  It was quite a bit different back then, but there was still lots of history and beauty surrounding us.  Now, over 40 years later, I have the privilege to return twice a year in June and in August.  In June, I get to meet with people who have never been to JRCS, and in August, I visit with people who have been coming here since the mid-to-late 50’s.  The peaceful surroundings, good camaraderie, and great food keep them coming back each year.

The Rabbit, Turkey Vulture, and Squirrel at Cazadero

In all of my years at Camp Cazadero, I have seen and encountered lots of wildlife.  Our wildlife over all the years that I’ve been associated with them have been normal.  But there are three incidences that happened over the years that have brought us some amusement and wonder.

One year anniversary at Pilgrim Hills Camp

It’s been a little over a year since we began working at Pilgrim Hills Camp and Conference Center (owned by the Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ) in north central Ohio . UCCR was very fortunate that current site director Jeff Thompson and his wife Carolyn, the Food service Coordinator, decided to remain in their positions and become UCCR employees.

Hawks Visit Petaluma Office

From a July encounter with nature:
Last week here at the office in Petaluma, we were excited to see a hawk family sitting in a tree close to our window. It appeared that the parents were training their two offspring how to fly. What an amazing site to see!
Such beautiful creatures all around us. Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the scenery.
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