Camp Role in Environmental Literacy

 The "No Child Left Inside" (NCLI) Act that was re-introduced to congress in July 2013 would amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to develop environmental literacy plans for kids. Our camps can provide valuable resources as places where children and youth can explore a sense of wonder and excitement about being in a natural setting. As Congress considers the proposed amendment, consider how our camps and retreats, as facilities and programs, might further encourage environmental education.


Now is the time to plan for late summer and Fall getaways!

It's Never Too Late to Reserve a Spot!

Though it is the middle of May and you may be thinking it would be great to get your group into a camp or retreat setting for a summer getaway…did you miss the chance because you think you’ve waited too long? Absolutely not! Though many of our camps fill up in the summertime with traditional camps and retreats, there are always openings here and there. Often times, we may have a weekend gap…or a group that held a spot for many years isn’t returning and we have been unable to fill it.

Unplug & Breathe

Typically, we have some time in the winter season to slow down. It is a time when our ancestors would be forced by seasonal weather to go inside. So why not follow the essential instinct of our beings and experience a little winter retreat ourselves? It may be a morning or evening to sit quietly and reflect. It may be a getaway to a cabin. Perhaps just taking 10 minutes to sit in your own home. After all, there is something to be said about the mesmerizing experience of gazing into a fire on a winter’s night.

Sacred Places

I never missed a year of camp. It was my life blood through adolescence…waiting each summer to have that glorious mountain top experience of playing praying singing with what amounts to hundreds of people over the years. Over time, the place itself took on a sacred meaning for me. There were the old timber tables that served as our crafts tables. The old shower houses that I helped build at work/study conference; The bench on the side of the mountain that was obscured by brush where we would go at night without flashlights in the darkness of a moonless sierra night.

Welcome Pilgrim Pines

UCCR welcomes Pilgrim Pines into the UCCR family. This beautiful site is located in the San Bernadino mountains at an elevation of 5200’. 
Pilgrim Pines has a rich history of providing a welcoming gathering place where lives are truly changed. If you are in the southern California area, check it out. Longtime UCCR Site Director, Cynthis Diggs, formerly of Camp Caz and Enchanted Hills, has moved south to manage this amazing site.

Little Basin in the news!

Little Basin was featured in an article today in the San Francisco Chronicle. Read about it here:

Low Guest Minimums!

It’s a great time to get away to one of our sites…even a small group can afford it. Did you know that CGC has a minimum of only 10 people at Claar House? Or that Westminster Retreat’s minimum in the Lodge is only 12 people? How about I-House at Camp Lodestar…12 people! Camp Cazadero’s minimum is 10 guests. Just sayin’…you don’t need a big retreat/camp program to enjoy a weekend away.

Art Camp Weekends at Little Basin

Check out the Art Camp Weekends at Little Basin during October and November. Programs includes Animal Building, Mask Making, Campfire and more. See more at Little Basin’s Upcoming Events. Great opportunity to camp and play this Autumn! $175 cost includes camping & program for the whole family for the weekend.

Fall/Winter Specials

Make sure to check out our special Fall & Winter Rate Packages. These are 15-20% discounts from our regular rates. So take advantage of them while they last! 2 Nights + 5 meals for $115 at Cazadero, Valley of the Moon, CGC, and Lodestar. Call our reservations number today at 800-678-5102 for availability.

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