Low Guest Minimums!

It’s a great time to get away to one of our sites…even a small group can afford it. Did you know that CGC has a minimum of only 10 people at Claar House? Or that Westminster Retreat’s minimum in the Lodge is only 12 people? How about I-House at Camp Lodestar…12 people! Camp Cazadero’s minimum is 10 guests. Just sayin’…you don’t need a big retreat/camp program to enjoy a weekend away.

Lots of folks think they need to organize a medium to large program to hold a retreat. The reality is that many of our sites have great accommodations for small groups. Some of the facilities allow you to do your own cooking as well, which makes the weekend very affordable. Or, of course, our staff will cook for you!

Consider taking your women’s group, AA group, quilting/crafting gathering, youth group, staff, or spiritual circle out for a few days to unplug. How about a cozy winter getaway to enjoy the stillness of the season? Give us a call at 800-678-5102.