The Special Vibe of Camps & Retreat Centers

I travel to many camps & retreats throughout the year. Each one has its own flavor…and yet, there is an energetic quality of well being in the land and facilities. When thousands of people visit a site over time, placing their intentions for authentic community, spiritual awareness, love of nature, and bringing people to together for fun and togetherness, the land and buildings absorb those good tidings. 

I just read in ACA’s Camping magazine that "memory, emotions, and senses are key components to building experiences that contribute to bridging the old experience and the new learning." (J. Joy James) We perceive any given reality with our whole selves…body, mind, and heart. Often the "somatic" (body) awareness is felt strongly at these sacred grounds. We might feel a felt-sense of excitement or stillness that seems to eminate from the place itself. 

Does land hold energy? I believe it does. Can we perceive the energetic gifts they continue to provide to visitors? An intriguing proposition!

~ Tina Heck