February 2016

WOLF Staff Training

 Despite the weather, 15 members of the WOLF School Staff had a great week learning, exploring, and discovering the Redwood Forest to Natural Bridges State Beach. The theme of our Spring Staff Training was all about "Change." In an effort to better serve our students, we as a staff are working hard to create new lessons, learn new games, or rework some of our best activities. As our Climate is Changing, as well as our global consciousness, WOLF is attempting to #makeonechange each week with our students.

Craigville Retreat Center update

Our transition into the operation of Craigville Retreat was swift but thorough. Groups were arriving nearly at the same time our new UCCR team was taking over operations. In the wake of our fast turnaround groups are already taking notice of our excellent food service, customer relations, and management expertise. Craigville has not been without it’s challenges. Some of our structures are well over 100 years old, maintaining a piece of history is a unique experience.