April 2014

Spring at UCCR Sites

 I visited Camp Lodestar and Jesuit Retreat Center of the Serra last week- both in the California Sierra foothills. The intense colors of the spring bloom are getting close to hitting their peek. The colors and vibrancy of the different colors layered upon the hills and waving in the wind for me define the foothills each year. The colors in Camp Lodestar’s enormous meadow (50-60 football fields size!) are beautiful. At both sites, there is a variety of trees blooming and evergreen trees waking up to spring.

Ohio Camp a Possibility for UCCR

 During my recent trip to Ohio I had the privilege of meeting many of the key members of the Ohio UCC Conference in the division where Pilgrim Hills and Templed Hills Conference Centers are located. I presented the UCCR Feasibility Study to this group. Like me they see this can be a viable partnership and voted in favor of a partnership. The next step is taking the vote to the state board level of the UCC.

Snow & Search and Rescue at the Camp

Happy April Fools day  to All

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